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        What are you serving?

        Practice makes perfect...well, sort of.

        Ok, 3 things, center court...

        Keeping your opponent off balance.

          That oh no moment !
          Sulking won't get you anything.
          Something to lean on.





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Marc started playing racquetball in 1987. He entered his first

competitive tournament in 1993 and hasn't looked back since.
He has since won four National Racquetball titles,

(Singles 35+, Doubles 35+, Mixed Doubles 35+, and Doubles A).

In 2003 the Edmonton Racquetball Association awarded

Marc with the Norm Frechette Memorial Award.
In 2004 Racquetball Canada created a new award called the "Marc Caouette Award"

for "significant contribution to junior racquetball development in Canada".

Marc has been coaching for over 15 years and coached the 2002, 2006, 2008, 2010

Alberta Junior Racquetball Teams at the Canadian Junior National Championships.
He has been a Junior National Team Assistant Coach for the 2008 & 2009

Junior National Racquetball Teams at the World Junior Racquetball Championships.

Marc works with all levels of players, from beginners to elite.


Marc can be contacted by;

phone 780.909.1215 or e-mail at info@MyTownSports.ca