Stabilizing tubes create a solid string bed for added stability

over the entire hitting surface. Higher Performance.

Increased shot accuracy and ball control.

Solid feel with less vibration, more stability/control.

Frame mass moved to point of impact.

More whip and power.


Increases stiffness for blasting power in hitting zone.

Stabilizes frame for a solid feel. Allows longest possible

cross-strings for increased string bed deflection and power.

Three-part fin system stiffens frame in throat.

Improves control and durability by eliminating twist and torque.


Frame made from two graphite tubes with stabilizer bridge.

All crosses anchored at outside edge of frame for

added length and power.

Power and livelier ball response.

Main strings skip every two holes.

The ball does not directly strike two main strings at once.


String vibration is massively reduced.

Main strings are enclosed in 84" of

vibration-dampening tubes hidden in the handle.

Maximizes power and eliminates unnecessary,

deflection-limiting cross-strings in racquet throat.

Increases string bed deflection.


More strength and power in racquet head.

Pushes out and aligns fibers in high-stress curved areas of frame.

Adds stiffness, durability and power.

Paint and non-structural materials replaced with

additional carbon graphite.


Increased stiffness / more power.

Optimum blend of three light, stiff, carbon graphites.

Extra-large 2.54 sq. cm holes allow both main and

cross-strings to be anchored on the outside of the frame.

More string bed deflection and power.


Center mains and crosses move unrestricted in free space and

do not touch the frame's inside edge.

String bed is livelier while power and deflection are increased.

Concave corners in upper frame extend the length of mains

and cross-strings. String bed deflection at the head of the

racquet is increased for more power.


30% thinner frame with super-thick frame walls.

Faster swing speed, more power, and maneuverability,

giving armor-like durability.

Eight center mains extend in free space from the head of the frame

through the handle for increased string bed deflection and power.


Twisting and distortion are reduced.

More energy is transferred to  the ball for more power.

Better feel at impact.