That oh no moment !



There you are, playing great and winning that game for “all the marbles” then, suddenly, it happens that oh no moment.

I’ve seen some great players not perform during critical moments. If you’ve ever choked you’ve probably experienced that oh no moment;


"’s what you say to yourself at that

critical moment

that makes the difference..."


If you’re thinking about the last call or how your shoes are loose you’re “loosing focus” and although not a good thing, that isn’t chocking.




"...choking happens when you attach your status and

your self worth

to a certain result;"


 creating a type of fear that paralyzes, which is the mental equivalent of “prevent defence”. Rather than hitting shots to win, we start playing shots to avoid embarrassment.


"...a formula for choking

is playing not to loose..."


These moments happen because you’re playing for the wrong reasons.





Remember, the crowd or even your best buddy may be hoping you do well but won’t think any less of you if you go down fighting. Play for yourself, to get better, have a workout, to have fun.



Play hard and have fun!






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