Keeping your opponent off balance



The secret to keeping your opponent off balance is to become a well rounded player. The more rounded you become, the more difficult it is for your opponent to see your weaknesses. This scenario can create doubt and confusion in your opponents mind, making them less effective in formulating a winning strategy to use against you.


“…become that well

rounded player your opponent dreads to face…”



Of course, there are weaknesses in some aspect of everyone’s game.

Your weakness, for example, may be sub par skills or things related to your emotional or physical makeup such temperament, focus, fitness or strategy.


“…spend equal time

working on both

strength and weaknesses…”


Most players tend to spend more time working on their strengths and very little if any time on their weaknesses. 





I recommend that you spend equal time on each. This approach allows your strong skills to stay strong and your shortcomings to gradually catch up.


Using a balanced practice routine will help you to become that well rounded player your opponent dreads to face.


Play hard and have fun!



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