OK, 3 things...center court, center court, center court



   Yes, it’s that important. Over the years there has been much debate over where, exactly, center court is located. This debate has been occurring for good reason, as center court has been moving as the game’s been evolving.


Modern day racquetball is a power game.  As players hit the ball harder (with the aid of larger racquets and faster balls) the ball “stays up” becoming more difficult to kill. The result has been that over the last 10-15 years, center court position has gradually moved further back in the court to accommodate this transition.


In essence, today’s game has evolved from one of finesse and control, to one of power.


“Center court is the best defensive position to be in

when your opponent is

hitting the ball”.


Center court position is located one to three feet behind the safety line.

From this position, almost every ball is “gettable”, other than an accurate kill shot.


If you play further forward on the court, as many players do, you’ll find these common occurrences:

  • You’re being beaten by cross-court and down the line pass shots.

  • You’re running to the back of the court constantly only to hit hurried or off balance shots.

  • You make a great “get”, only to lose the rally anyway.



If these occurrences sound familiar then it’s a pretty good bet you’re too far forward on the court and need to adjust your positioning.



“Being in center court

position when your opponent

is hitting the ball is one

of the best game strategies

you can have.”




Play hard and have fun!







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