Practice makes perfect...well, sort of


   Iíve started the beginning

of most seasons a better player

than I was the year before. Most people think itís because of hours and hours of practice, which is correct, (well, sort of). Iím no different than you are. When it comes to traditional practice, I donít enjoy it any more than anyone else.


...practicing the wrong way

can ingrain or reinforce bad habits and techniques.


Letís be honest, for most mortals

itís can be a boring, monotonous, mechanical activity without a lot

of feed back.


... feedback is crucial if you want to know what youíre working on is actually going

to make you better.


Unless you practice correctly and with purpose, you can actually do more harm than good. Iíve outlined a four point learning system that Iíve used over the years. I hope youíll find it as helpful as I have.





A good starting point is to take a few lessons from a qualified instructor. Your instructor can access the ways in which you can improve more quickly and then recommend changes and practice drills to help get you where you want to go.





Spend fifteen to thirty minutes,

two to three times a week, until

your mechanical changes are starting to take hold.





Once youíve ingrained the changes, and have an execution rate of 70% or more youíre ready to start practicing these same techniques while introducing movement. Bouncing the ball off the back wall or hitting a ceiling ball prior to hitting the ball is all thatís needed. Your instructor can help you with selecting appropriate drills.





This is the main source of practice

that I have used since Iíve started playing. Other than tournament

play, I practice whatever I happen

to be working on while I play. Thatís what makes leagues so great, you can have fun playing while practicing under game like situations. League play also provides a great way to make new friends.


I hope this helps you with your approach towards practice, I know

this system has let me have hundreds of practice hours per season while truly enjoying the time Iím spending.




Play hard and have fun!




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