D eveloping sport routines


should begin in practice. Your practice routine need only last a few seconds, but will completely prepare you to get the most out of your training. It will also lay the foundation for using these routines during competitions.


“…Practice routines improve training.”


Remember, for your practice routine to become effective, you must use it every time you practice and compete in competition.



“…Competition routines improve competitive performances.”


There is no one ideal routine for everyone. Routines are individual. For every great athlete, you’ll see a different routine. You have to decide what exactly to put into your routine and how to structure it. Developing an effective routine is a progressive process; it may take time before you have one that really works for you.



Following a mental and physical routine before every rally keeps you focused on what you have to do and when the pressure is on it helps manage your nerves.




Play hard and have fun!






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