Sulking won’t get you anything



The worst thing you can do for your prospect of winning is to get down when things don’t go well. If you start feeling sorry for yourself or thinking the racquetball gods are conspiring against you, you’re not focused on the next rally.

While coaching a very good young player during a match, he let me know during one of his time outs that he was becoming discouraged.





 Although he felt he was playing well, and hitting “all the right shots”, his opponent would stay in the rallies and even end some of those rallies with quality shots. I let him know that he needed to accept that at the level of play he was competing,


"...quality players will make great shots from difficult places,


 no different than he does.




My player went on to win the match and learned the valuable lesson of not sulking or getting down but rather accept that


“...things happen” and staying positive pays dividends.


Play hard and have fun!






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